What would your perfect day look like?

I want you to imagine for a minute your perfect day with your family.

What does it look like for you?

There's a beautiful summer breeze blowing, the birds are singing, and your children happily playing and enjoying the beautiful warm sunshine as they run and laugh. You with your iced coffee, watching them from the comfort of your back patio.

Your husband walks over to you with an amazing fruit platter for you to share, and you just sit and enjoy that moment of bliss.

A mother, father and their three daughters sitting on a rug at the beach

Or perhaps your perfect day is during the middle of winter; it's pouring outside. You can hear the rain as it hits the roof, and the water drips in little beads down the loungeroom windows.

You're snuggled into the couch with your babes by your side.

Hubby is in the kitchen baking a fresh batch of your favourite cookies; the smell mixes in with the scent of the fresh rain.

You scroll through Netflix and find the perfect movie to watch with the ones you hold most dear. Then you all devour the most delicious cookies made by your wonderful hubby,

These are the moments you want to treasure forever; these are the memories you wish you could visit and revisit over and over again.

A family jumping in the waves at the beach
a family jumping in the waves at the beach

What would it mean to you?

What would it mean to you to have these moments turned into memories? To have something that you can look back on whenever you wanted, to have something tangible to hold and cherish?

And that's where I enter.

It is my job (one which I hold with the highest regard) to give you, my clients, something that you can treasure forever. Something that your children and your children's children will look fondly on.

Photography has such an immense power to freeze in time; your perfect day. It can wrap up those tiny baby fingers, those whispy locks that sway gently in the breeze, those sweet gummy smiles. It can translate those snuggly hugs and the way he looks at you into something tangible to hold, something that is yours to treasure forever.

When you book in for a session, I want to get to know you and hear all about your perfect day and what that looks like for you. I want to capture all those details that you never want to forget. I want to make your moments dance their way into memories that live on forever.

Rach Xx